Expect to lose between 3kg to 5kg a week!

So what's in our Thailand Weightloss Detox Shakes?

Well it’s a combination of the very basic principle of calorie control (yes, you’ll be consuming less calories), and a unique formula of healthy nutrients that are both fruit and vegetable based. The real magic comes from the super foods that we blend carefully into each mixture to ensure you receive enough protein and to keep you blood at the optimal ph level.

Some of the Superfoods

In Our Thailand Weightloss Detox Juice

Thailand Weightloss Detox Juice

Your Detox Juice Quantity


6 x 300ml bottles a day

8am | 10am | 12pm | 2pm | 4pm | 6pm

Additional Allowable Intake


You may drink as much green tea as you like. It not only acts as a great antioxidant but also accelerates weightloss.

Adding lemon to your tea also helps to keep your body alkaline.

The Immediate Health Benefits are:

We have also successfully

Eliminated Severe Arthritis • Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

REMEMBER: The Detox programme you’ll be on is a very similar to what ‘A list’ Hollywood actors use to get to that peak movie fit look. This is the real McCoy.


I went on the programme about a year and a half ago; I’ve lost over 2 stone, I’ve managed to keep it off.

Frank Armagh


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