A new approach to weightloss that works!

Losing weight can be lonely, depressing and very hard. This is normally due to the conditions people put themselves under to lose weight. They try whilst at home to portion control meals and get to the gym when they have time, all the while working or raising a family. This is simply set for failure.

What we offer is to remove you from your environment and immediately start to detox your body by feeding it the optimum nutrition it needs. What you’ll immediately experience is a swift drop in weight as your body’s chemistry starts re-program itself not to rely on carbohydrates as its main source of fuel, but fat.

The body was built for survival, but was created eons ago in an environment where it was forced to hunt for food and to go for days without it. The body therefore needs alternative sources of energy to survive depending on whether food is available or not. Those energy sources are, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Carbohydrates are the body’s favourite as they can be immediately turn it into glucose for energy, but if the body has no need for that immediate energy and if there’s enough energy stored in the muscles and liver in the form of Glycogen, then the body stores this as fat as signaled by the hormone insulin.

The worst carbohydrate culprits that cause this to happen are refined sugars, sweets, pastries and pasta. This causes your insulin to spike, your blood sugar to increase and lead towards you putting on weight if you don’t burn off that energy.

What we are trying to achieve is the opposite. By reducing your carbohydrate intake to a minimum we reduce both your blood sugar level and the hormone insulin and increase the hormone Glycagon, this signals your body to start using protein and your fat as an alternative energy source.

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So what happens when you lose weight on our weightloss program?

A new approach to weightloss that works!

Now in order to ensure that this process is sustainable we have to consider both your appetite and your nutritional requirements in order to maintain perfect health.

Firstly we ensure that our detox juice gives you enough food to suppress the hormone ghrelin that makes you crave food and increase the hormone leptin that makes you feel full.

Secondly, and very importantly, we need to ensure that your body gets enough protein in order to prevent your body resorting to breaking down its own muscle (protein) for energy. You will often see extreme dieters having huge excesses of flabby skin and this is normally down to a protein deficiency and muscle wastage. Our weightloss method prevents that occurring.

The secret that sets us apart from any other weightloss program is our ability to create a fat burning state with an alkaline blood ph balance. Unlike the ATKINS DIET that overloads the body with meat protein that turns the blood’s ph level acidic; ours does the opposite.With no animal products whatsoever we are able to both ensure that your body has enough protein (and a minimum of healthy carbs) whilst keeping your blood ph level optimal.

Why is blood alkalinity important?

High blood acidity has been linked to numerous diseases from ulcers to cancer and is most commonly experienced by people with acid reflux. We aim to help the body maintain a perfect ph balance by feeding it alkaline forming foods. The body has to keep the blood’s ph level within a certain range, neither too acidic, nor too alkaline, and our aim is too help the body consistently maintain an optimal ph balance.


Without an increase in exercise:

  • We are able to induce your body to use fat as its primary energy source.
  • We are able to optimize your blood’s ph level.

With science and knowledge

  • You will achieve your ideal weight.
  • You will take back control of your body.
“If you really want to know how effective this weight loss program is do a checkup when you arrive and a checkup when you leave. You won’t believe the results. Amazing!”
Mahmoud, UAE

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